How To Become A Bet9ja Agent

Gone are the days when people had to wait for government in order to be gainfully employed as most persons are now on the lookout for alternative sources of income in order to make ends meet. One of such means of income is becoming a bet9ja agent.

Bet9ja is a betting site in Nigeria, which has grown to be very popular and greatly accepted, especially among Nigerian youths. It is a very common site to see a lot of people gathered in the shop of a bet9ja agent, placing their bets and winning substantial sums of money, depending of course on the amount of money staked.

For the lovers of games such as football, it only makes sense that if you are so invested in the game and you can predict say the number of goals or the number of corner kicks in a particular match then you should make money out of something that you are so passionate about. A lot of persons have come to see this as a very easy way of making money and this is growing in popularity every day.

The even better news is that you can make money from bet9ja without betting on the games and that is by being a bet9ja agent. I’m very sure that right now you have a lot of questions on how this is possible, well that is what we are here to help you with. And if you already had an idea on what it is being a bet9ja agent but you don’t know how to go about it, then you are on the right page as we will also help you out with that. It is true that there are a lot of betting sites that are in existence in the country, but in this article our focus is going to be on Bet9ja.

Bet9ja as we already pointed out is very popular and has a lot of shops in various locations across the country. They also avail their agents with attractive pay so it is not a surprise to see Bet9ja agents popping up in many places. There are indeed a lot of advantages to being a Bet9ja agent and on the top of that list is that it is a really good source of income.


Just as we have already pointed out, there are a lot of benefits with becoming a bet9ja agent and we have already mentioned the point of it being a good source of income.

Another really wonderful advantage is that bet9ja is already well known. As soon as you set up shop and put up your bet9ja banner anybody who is into betting will immediately know what the shop is about and your customer base will come to you. So you see that you don’t have to waste energy, time and resources trying to convince or get people to come to you.

Another benefit of joining bet9ja as an agent is that their commission rates are based on turnover. You make your money from every bet you print as there is already a particular percentage you get from every bet that is placed. For instance, let us assume that the percentage for every ticket you print is 10% that means that for every 100 Naira bet, you will make 10 Naira and for every 1000 Naira bet, you will make 100 Naira.

And just like that, you keep making your money. This is really cool because whether or not the person placing the bet wins or not, you already made your money. Your only concern should be in hoping that people stake large sums of money so that your earnings will keep getting bigger.

You do not lose anything when your customers win as all that is shouldered by the company. It will even be good for you if people win often in your shop as most times they will view your shop as a place with good luck and keep coming back. They will even go on to tell their friends and colleagues to always patronize your betting shop. This will mean that you will not just maintain your customer base but it will keep growing and that means more money for you.

Another awesome advantage of being a bet9ja agent is that you and your staff will get a free training course catered to by the company. They will teach you what you need to know about how the betting system works not only for the real life games but also for the virtual games. It will interest you to know that the company has Over 5000 events and over 12,000 live betting events for football every week.

This is very attractive to the people that are betting as they love the many options available to them. You also make fast earnings from the various innovative virtual games that their platform offers. The virtual games goes on for about 90seconds and you remember that we earlier mentioned that you make your money on the bets that you print not on whether the person betting wins or loses.


Now that we are done highlighting the benefits of becoming a bet9ja agent, the next thing that we are going to look into is the requirements. This is so that you can be very prepared and not be taken unawares.

The first requirement is that you should get a shop. The reason for this is really obvious, you cannot just set up under open skies and be praying that it doesn’t rain on a particular day or that the sun does not get too hot. People that are betting will not even want to subject themselves to such conditions.

Now take note that the shop you are getting for this purpose, has to be in a populated and busy area, so that more people can see you and come to your shop.

Be sure to not get a tiny cubicle and call it a shop. Your shop is not just for you and your equipment but should also be able to accommodate your customers.

It is also best if your shop is not near another Bet9ja shop. Let it be at least a minimum of 10 – 15 minutes normal walking distance from any other bet9ja shop.

There are necessities that you must have to carry on the business. These include computers/laptops, power generators as well as a stable and strong internet connection.

If and when your shop has been approved, you will then be provided with an account on the platform. There is a signup fee of 75,000 naira that you will have to pay, after which you will be given some items to help you operate easily. These items include;

a. A bet9ja banner to advertise your shop

b. An account on their platform

c. Thermal printers.

When you are done reading through all that we have talked about and you are ready to start then go on to their website to register.


After you are done with the registration online, you are almost through. The next thing you have to do is to submit the documents to bet9ja office in your area.

When you are done with that there will be some procedures which include;

a. Document and location check and familiarization with Bet9ja staff

b. Verification of premises

If you meet all the requirements and they are satisfied, you will then go on to signing of agent contract and begin to make your money.


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