Prag Inverter

prag inverter

When you are looking for a good inverter for your home, offices and establishments, you should check out Prag Inverters. They are of good quality and are durable when you handle them well of course.

One lovely fact about this brand of inverters is that they provide a H-Series Inverter line that is wall/rack-mountable. This means the issue of no space to keep the inverter has been handled as you as you can just mount them on the wall.

You can get the awesome Prag inverter in Nigeria for about 61,900 Naira to 1,500,000 Naira. Bear it in mind that this does not include the inverter battery and installation. Power output of this inverter brand is as from 1KVA to 10KVA making it perfect for your home, offices and other like spaces.

Prag Inverters

Prag Inverters in Nigeria : NGN 61,900 – NGN 838,500

  • 1.2KVA / 12V : 61,900 Naira
  • 2.5KVA / 24V : 104,900 Naira
  • 1.45KVA / 24V : 83,100 Naira
  • 1.5 KVA / 24V : 96,200 Naira
  • 1.5 KVA /24V (Solar) : 123,400 Naira
  • 3 KVA / 24V : 155,300 Naira
  • 3 KVA / 24V (Pro Edition) : 487,000 Naira
  • 3.5KVA / 48V : 197,700 Naira
  • 4 KVA / 24V : 288,000 Naira
  • 5 KVA / 96V : 319,700 Naira
  • 6KVA / 48V (Pro Edition) : 838,500 Naira
  • 7.5 KVA / 120V : 449,200 Naira
  • 10 KVA / 180V : 503,700 Naira

Prag Inverter Battery

  • 6V / 200 AH : 70,000 Naira
  • 2V / 500 AH : 100,000 Naira
  • 12V / 150 AH : 135,000 Naira
  • 12V / 200 AH : 125,000 Naira to 250,000 Naira

Prag Inverters come in five main series and we are going to be discussing these series so that you can make an informed choice while trying to select the one that suits you best.

Five main series of Prag Inverters

Prag Standard Inverter

The Prag Standard Inverter is the first series that we are going to be looking at. These ones are more popular because they are not that expensive and seeing that they are just like regular inverters a lot of persons are more comfortable with it. This type of Prag inverters comes with a three-stage charging system that protects your inverter battery.

You can get about 1KVA to 2.5KVA output power from them and they are fitted with UPS and AVR function. The LCD display on the inverter is a good feature as this way, you can be notified about the state of the inverter as well as the battery.

A Prag Standard Inverter is sold for about 69,500 Naira.

Pro Edition

The highlight of this inverter series is speed as it charges very fast. It is also equipped with voltage and temperature sensors so you can get the best performance. In addition, it is a bi-directional inverter and as such, it can be connected to your power grid and still get power from other sources such as battery, generator, etc.

With the prag inverter pro, expect pure sine-wave output with up to 94% efficiency. You can get this inverter in 3KVA / 24V and 6KVA / 48V options and they are sold within the range of 437,000 Naira and 834,500 Naira.

HT-Series and Advanced VT-Series

The HT-Series and Advanced VT-Series Prag Inverter is best for big establishments and larger homes. We are discussing the Prag HT Series and Advanced VT-Series because they look very much alike although there are still some differences which we will point out.

The Advanced VT-Series as you must have guessed is more advanced has some features which are not obtainable in the Prag HT-Series Inverter. These features are Battery temperature sensor, automatic generator starting, and solar panel.

They both provide you with fast transfer and takes just about 8ms and 10ms speed to switch to battery whenever there is a power outage.

We pointed out earlier that they are very good for establishments and large homes. This is because they provide you with overload capacity of 300% of rated output for up to 20 seconds. Hence heavy appliances such as refrigerators, industrial tools, air conditioners etc., are handled properly.

You can get them in 5KVA and 7.5KVA models.


The highlight of the Prag Inverter series is that in addition to all the normal features inverters are known for, they can be mounted on a rack or wall. So if mounting your inverter on a wall or rack is what you will prefer or if you are having concerns over sufficient space then just go for the H-Series Prag Inverter.

This feature of being rack and wall mountable makes them an excellent choice for ICT/IT installations like Base stations, Computer Labs, Server rooms, Transmitting Stations, and like spaces.

They are available from 4KVA to 5KVA models and can take up to 300% of its rated output for up to 20 seconds.


The V Series is looks like the H-Series discussed about as it is also rack and wall mountable but in addition to that it boasts of more features which are Battery temperature sensor, automatic generator starting, and support for solar panel.

You can get them even in higher capacities ranging from 10KVA to 15KVA.

From all these series we have discussed there should be one that suits you best. Prag inverters are really good inverters and you will be glad you went for them.

If you are thinking of where you can get them, they are available in online stores as well as offline stores that deal on electronics and the likes. You can also check out Prag showrooms in different locations across the country.


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