Solar Inverter

Solar Power Inverter

You might be wondering why Solar inverters are being discussed separately since the regular inverters can simply be upgraded to be compatible with solar power.

Solar inverters are those inverters that you do not need to upgrade the inverter to be able to use solar power because the inverter is already equipped with features that enable that.

You can purchase a Solar Inverter in Nigeria as from 10,000 naira. Bear it in mind however that this just for the inverters alone, as the cost will go higher when you include the cost of the inverter batteries and solar panels.

Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters in Nigeria : NGN 20,000 – NGN 452,000

  • Felicity Solar 3.5KVA / 24V: 161,000 naira
  • Felicity Solar 5KVA / 48V: 225,000 naira
  • Felicity Solar 7.5KVA / 48V: 366,000 naira
  • Felicity Solar 10KVA / 48V: 452,000 naira
  • Prag 1.2KVA / 12V: 61,900 naira
  • Prag 2.5KVA / 24V: 100,900 naira
  • Prag 4KVA / 24V: 240,000 naira
  • Prag 5KVA / 96V: 319,000 naira
  • Mercury 2KVA Spirit Plus: 175,000 naira
  • Mercury 3KVA Spirit Plus: 185,000 naira
  • Mercury 5KVA Spirit Plus: 220,000 naira
  • Luminous 850VA / 12V: 64,000 naira
  • Luminous 1.5KVA / 24V: 90,000 naira
  • Bluegate 10KVA / 192V: 494,000 naira
  • Bluegate 1.5KVA / 24V: 87,500 naira
  • Bluegate 2.5KVA / 48V: 202,000 naira
  • PSC Solar Xantra 1.5KVA / 24V: 99,500 naira
  • PSC Solar Xantra 2.5KVA / 24V: 214,900 naira
  • PSC Solar Xantra 3.5KVA / 48V: 289,900 naira
  • MTN Solar Inverter (Lumos): 20,000 naira (4,500 naira / month)

How Different is Solar Inverter?

As we have pointed out Solar inverters are built to be compatible with solar power and to make use of Photovoltaic panels, popularly known as PV or Solar panels. A major way that you can identify these inverters is that they come with direct inputs for the Solar panels, so that the solar panels can be connected straight to the inverter.

It is also common for a solar inverter to have a built-in charge controller. In fact every inverter brand that knows what they are doing will include this built-in charge controller as that is the way to ensure that the current generated from the Solar panel will not be too high for the inverter battery.

When we mentioned earlier about Solar inverters coming with features that makes it optimized for solar power, a built-in charge controller is one of those features. A regular inverter does not come with it so when you decide to upgrade you’ll then have to purchase it separately.

Another interesting fact about Solar power inverters is that they can function without batteries, although that is not advisable in a country such as ours.

Let us discuss further the features of solar power inverters. They are the type of inverters primarily made to work with solar power which is not the case with regular inverters. Provided you have clear skies, your inverter will have no issues powering your home, office, establishment or any other space that you installed the inverter.

This is preferred by a lot of persons as it greatly reduces the energy bill that will have to be paid at the end of the month. This is so because even in a situation where there is public power supply, the inverter will still get power from the solar panels as that is its designed primary source of power.

However there are some solar inverters that are designed to let you select the primary source of power to your inverter and you can either go for solar panels or power grid. You can make this decision based on what is convenient for you as well as your battery level.

There are also intelligent solar inverters that will know when to get power from solar panels and when to switch to your power grid. For instance if your battery needs 10A to be charged and due to a cloudy weather the solar panels could only give 6A, the solar inverter will then get the remaining 4A from your power grid if public power supply is available.

You don’t have to worry about the sun being too much and then your battery getting over charged, that is the function of the built-in charge controller in your inverter. This is very important and if any brand of solar inverter does not have it, it is advisable that you go for another brand that offers that or you can purchase it separately.

The built-in charge controller does not just prevent a case of overcharging but also lets you know when you did not connect the panels properly. It equally protects your inverter against short-circuit.

One of the things that you have to look out for in a solar inverter is the input grid-voltage range. A wide input grid-voltage range is better especially in a country as ours.

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Various Types of Solar Inverters

There are various types of Solar Inverters and we are going to be discussing them so that you can make an informed choice when you want to make your purchase.

Hybrid Solar Inverters

The Hybrid Solar Inverters are inverters that could be regarded as a regular inverter but it also has solar power support. This type of inverter is good because it gives room for you to take things at your own pace.

For instance you can purchase only the inverter and battery then subsequently buy the solar panels or the other way round.

String Inverters

String Inverters also known as Central inverters work in such a way that the entire solar panel in use are connected to the one central inverter. It features a lot of strings that join the multiple panels. There are also some Hybrid solar inverters that operate as central inverters.

The String Inverters are made to get their power from solar panels and does not work with inverter batteries. The solar panels are connected directly to the device.

Micro Inverters

Micro Inverters are just like string inverters but the difference is that in this case, each inverter is installed to one panel. It is usually installed below or near the solar panel.

Although it is more expensive to set up, it is actually preferred by a lot of persons because of the fact that is more reliable. This stems from the fact that if one panel develops some issues, the whole system will not be adversely affected by it.

Grid Tie Inverter

Whenever you hear about Grid Tie Inverter as a type of solar inverter, it refers to a solar inverter that does not require a changeover switch. They are connected straight to the power grid and get power from the grid to make up the power from the solar panels.

Also in a situation where the power gotten from the solar panels is too much, a grid tie inverter will handle that by directing the amount of power that is not needed to the grid.

Off Grid Inverter

Unlike a grid tie inverter, an Off Grid Inverter is one that requires a changeover switch because you cannot connect it straight to the power grid if you intend to use your power grid in addition to the solar panels. Some of them are equipped with a built-in automatic changeover switch while others don’t have such.

PayGo Solar Inverter Solutions

If you think that a Pay as you go solar inverter would be better for you, the good news is that there a number of them available in Nigeria and we will take a look at some of them.

MTN Solar Inverter

The MTN Solar Inverter which is popularly known as MTN Mobile Electricity or Lumos Mobile Electricity is the first that we are going to take a look at. Just as you must have guessed, it is an off-grid solar solution provided by telecommunications giant, MTN.

The package comes with:

80W Solar Panel unit with Cables
Solar Inverter (300Wh Lumos Solar Home System In-door Unit + 60W DC to AC Converter)
USB Mobile Phone Charger
2 x LED Energy Efficient Bulbs
Easy Self-Installation Mounting Kit

For the package you have to make a deposit of 20,000 Naira and subsequently pay the sum of 4,500 every month for a period of 5 years contract. Take note however that the output of the solar inverter is just 60W so it is best for micro power applications.

Azuri Quad

Azuri Quad does not provide a solar inverter. What you will get is an indoor unit that provides DC output for charging your phone and powering your light. Yes it might not be considered much but it is better than a total blackout.

The package comes with:

10W Polycrystalline Solar Panel
Four Bright Energy Efficient Lamps (300 lumens)
USB port with cable and connectors
Azuri Quad HomeSmart PayGo Unit
6500 mAh Battery (2 x 26650 Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries)
Rechargeable Radio
Up to 8 hours Power Supply

If you are thinking about where to get your desired Solar Inverter, you can check out online stores as well as offline stores that deal on gadgets. Some of the inverters are sold together with the solar panels while for some you will have to purchase the solar panels separately.


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