Submersible Pumping Machine

Submersible water pump

Water is a very essential liquid in everyone’s life but in some areas, it is quite difficult to get access to water for domestic use. This is why people have come up with different ways and method to ensure that they get water. These methods include fetching water from streams and rivers, collecting rain water in containers, digging water wells, constructing borehole water systems, etc.

The use of pumping machines to draw water from water wells and drive up water from borehole systems is quite popular and one of the sure ways to get water.

In this write up, we will be focusing on submersible pumping machines. Although we will discuss the submersible pumping machine in detail as we move on, just have it at the back of your mind that they are usually used for deep boreholes.

What is a Submersible Pumping Machine?

In case you are wondering what a submersible pumping machine is, it is a high-power pump with a hermetically sealed motor attached to it. Just as you must have guessed from its name, the machine is submerged in water. The machine works by pushing water from the deep borehole to the surface, unlike the jet surface type, which draws water up to the surface from the deep source.

You have to know that submersible pumps are not only used for domestic water systems, they can also be used for oil wells, sewage systems, etc. In Nigeria however, submersible pumps are more often used for domestic water systems.

There are different brands of submersible pumps available in the market, they include:


Submersible Pumping Machine

Submersible Pumping Machine : NGN 25,000 – NGN 1,800,000

  • Granac submersible water pump 0.5hp – 30,000 naira to 35,000 naira
  • Granac submersible water pump 0.75hp – 35,000 naira to 40,000 naira
  • Granac submersible water pump 1hp – 40,000 naira to 45,000 naira
  • Granac submersible water pump 3hp – 80,000 naira to 85,000 naira
  • Pedrollo submersible water pump 1.5hp – 160,000 naira to 175,000 naira
  • Pedrollo submersible water pump 2hp – 225,000 naira to 240,000 naira
  • Pedrollo submersible water pump 3hp – 240,000 naira to 260,000 naira
  • Interdab submersible water pump 1hp – 50,000 naira to 65,000 naira
  • Interdab submersible water pump 2hp – 90,000 naira to 110,000 naira
  • SAER submersible water pump 1hp – 140,000 naira to 150,000 naira
  • SAER submersible water pump 1.5hp – 155,000 naira to 165,000 naira
  • Submersible water pump with copper coil 1h – 30,000 naira to 40,000 naira
  • Dredging submersible water pump – 1,700,000 naira to 1,800,000 naira
  • Grundfox solar submersible water pump – 750,000 naira to 800,000 naira
  • Stainless steel submersible water pump 1.5hp – 25,000 naira to 30,000 naira
  • OPP submersible water pump 1.5hp – 50,000 naira to 60,000 naira
  • Finedab submersible water pump 1hp – 25,000 naira to 30,000 naira
  • Fovol submersible water pump 1hp – 25,000 naira to 30,000 naira
  • Lolenzy submersible water pump 1.5hp – 90,000 naira to 100,000 naira

Submersible pumps are available at different prices. This as a result of the influence of various factors such as the brand that you are going for, coil type, durability, number of wires, power output, and other built-in features that the machine come with.

How to Choose the Right Submersible Well Pump

There are things that you have to look out for when you want to purchase a submersible pumping machine in Nigeria. The price of the machine is just one out of other factors that you have to put into consideration.

While it is okay to get the machine at a good price, be sure not to get one that is ridiculously cheap. Don’t be so carried away by how you came upon a very cheap one that you forget to check if it is really of good quality and if it will be adequate for your needs.

If you wouldn’t know how to tell a good one, then you can ask a well-trained borehole engineer to point you in the right direction. There is no harm in asking questions.

You also have to be aware of the required power output for your pump. You can tell this by the number of water pipes and fixtures in the place that you want to use the machine for.

The required power output is also determined by the diameter as well as the individual flow pressure of each water outlet in the place that you want to use the pumping machine for.

To ensure that you don’t waste time and money buying the wrong pumping machine or getting one that will demand constant repairs, you have to take these factors that we are discussing, very seriously.

Another factor that you have to consider while buying a submersible pumping machine is the depth of your borehole. Just know that the deeper the borehole, then the more powerful your submersible pumping machine has to be.

If at any time you feel overwhelmed with choices or you are not sure of a particular submersible pumping machine, always remember that you can always ask around. Do not be in a hurry, rather take your time when conducting your market research and be sure that the people you are asking the questions are the right people that will give you the needed guidance.


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