Sukam Inverter

Sukam Inverter

When it comes to alternative sources of power supply, Sukam is a well-known brand. They are very popular both within and outside the country. Sukam inverters which come with built-in UPS are just what you need if you require a steady power supply in your home, offices and establishments.

They have various inverters with different designs and capabilities for you to choose from and depending on the type that you decide to go for, they can be gotten within the range of 59,000 naira to 5.6 million naira.

Just as power generators operate with fuel, power inverters operate with batteries so while you are making your decision on the inverter to purchase, also factor in the fact that you will need inverter battery and decide on the one that will meet your needs.

The SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free) batteries come highly recommended because they are safer and just as the name implies are maintenance-free. Nobody wants stress if it can be avoided so it is advised that you opt for an SMF battery.

A 12V 200AH SMF battery can be purchased for about 50,000 naira, while a 12V 100 AH SMF battery can go for about 30,000 Naira per unit.

Sukam Inverters

Sukam Inverters in Nigeria : NGN 59,000 – NGN 5,640,500

  • 1100VA / 12V (Solar Hybrid): 59,000 naira
  • 1000VA / 12V (Falcon Eco): 62,500 naira
  • 1.6KVA / 24V: 79,000 naira
  • 2.5VA / 48V: 200,000 naira
  • 3.5KVA / 48V: 153,000 naira
  • 5.0KVA / 96V: 415,000 naira
  • 7.5KVA / 120V: 540,000 naira
  • 10KVA / 180V: 600,500 naira
  • 15KVA / 360V (3 Phase): 1,438,000 naira
  • 20KVA / 360V (3 Phase): 1,713,000 naira
  • 25KVA / 360V (3 Phase): 2,173,500 naira
  • 30KVA / 360V (3 Phase): 2,633,000 naira
  • 40KVA / 360V (3 Phase): 3,438,000 naira
  • 50KVA / 360V (3 Phase): 5,640,500 naira

Sukam Inverter Battery

  • 12V / 200 AH Inverter Battery: 125,000 naira to 170,000 naira
  • 12V / 100 AH Inverter Battery: 90,000 naira to 120,000 naira

Sukam Inverters are highly sought after as they are pure sine wave inverters that provide you with clean power free of harmonics.

Everybody loves a steady power supply for their homes, offices and establishments and getting a Sukam Inverter is a sure way to tackle the epileptic power supply challenge.

The fact that Sukam Inverters come with built-in UPS makes it even better as the inverter responds as soon as there is a power outage without you stressing yourself in any way.

The Sukam brand also has a lineup of Solar Inverters such as the Brainy Inverter series that allows you to charge your inverter batteries with Solar energy. However for this particular type of inverter you will have to purchase the solar panels separately.

That you can charge the battery with solar panels does not mean that is the only way the inverter batteries can be charged. In addition to the solar panels, you can also charge them with public power supply or your power generator.

In fact the regular inverters come equipped with a solar charge controller line so that you can easily upgrade them for solar energy when you want.

With Sukam inverters you are indeed getting good value for your money. They are durable and will serve you well.


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